Aman Traders Blog Latest Products Thu, 01 Jun 2023 00:58:31 +0530 en-us Why should you Buy Resham Shawl ? Fri, 21 Oct 2022 15:12:05 +0530 A shawl is a unique garment loosely worn on the upper body. Many people use a shawl to cover their heads. A shawl is usually a rectangular or square piece. Many shawls have an irregular shape that looks classy and unique. Wool and cotton are the two common materials for making a shawl. It is very unique and effective. The Kashmiri shawl is famous for its unique weaving technique, and it is famous worldwide. The Kashmiri shawl pashmina is famous for its warmth and lightweight features. Authentic Resham or pashmina shawl should be soft enough. Even authentic Resham shawl suppliers in India provide original Resham shawls. The Uniqueness of Resham Shawl Resham shawls are very smooth, the light fabric usually made of silkworm cocoons fibers. Unlike many synthetic fibers, it has a soft texture that is not slippery. Silk is one of the most vital nature fibers. Silk is one of the most potent natural fibers, but it loses up to 20% of its strength when wet. It has a good moisture regain of 11%. Its elasticity is moderate to poor. If elongated even a small amount, it remains stretched. In lukewarm water, silk is best washed with mild detergents, such as draft. Rinse well, squeeze out surplus moisture by rolling in a towel and hang to dry. Try to choose a light colour Resham shawl, such as pink, magenta, green, purple, or baby pink. It looks stylish and beautiful. Reasons for Buying Resham Shawls The significant reasons for buying Resham shawls from authentic Resham shawl suppliers are as follows- 1. A stunning Resham shawl is a real option of elegance, tradition, and grace. The combination of size and pashmina is riches to own. A typical example of charm, beauty, and sophistication is ready to turn heads when worn at any event. 2. To create a unique style statement in winter, you should choose exclusive Resham shawls. The unique range of Gresham shawls is perfect for all age groups. 3. Professional shawl designer creates unique designs of pashmina shawls. Professional shawl designers use the finest quality pashmina wool for making pashmina shawls. Expert weavers use unique and diverse colours for making Resham shawls. Authentic Resham shawls carry a label. 4. Pashmina shawls have unmatched grace and border to create a unique looking. You can wear the Resham shawl with any dress to show your style statement. In addition, you can get unique motifs and embroidery in the designer Resham shawl. Cleaning Process of Resham Shawl Resham shawl requires dry cleaning. Try to keep the Resham shawls to sunlight once in 4 to 5 months when you are not using the Resham shawl. Use neem leaves with the shawl to store the Resham shawl for a long time. Each Embroidered Resham shawl is unique and elegant. An authentic Resham shawl should be lightweight and last for a long time. You can search various online portals to choose authentic Resham shawl suppliers that will help you choose the best quality at an affordable price. How to Choose a Quality Pashmina Shawl ? Wed, 21 Dec 2022 11:40:08 +0530 Pashmina shawl is a fine variant of shawl that is made of good quality pashmina wool. The pashmina shawl is famous for its soft texture and unique design. The Kashmiri pashmina shawl is one of the greatest handcrafted from Ladakh cashmere by Kashmiri artists. This shawl has been gaining popularity since the days of the Mughal empire. Pashmina wool is the main ingredient of the pashmina shawl. Pashmina shawls and blankets indicate wealth. The pashmina shawl is expensive due to its unique manufacturing and attractive handcraft design. The pashmina shawl's rich look and artistic quality have made it popular worldwide. The Uniqueness of the Pashmina Shawl Pashmina is the regal artwork of kashmiri. This shawl is becoming popular by using the royals and rich Kashmiri culture. Gradually, the younger generation also shows their interest in buying pashmina shawls. The fabric of pashmina shawls is extremely luxurious. The traditional hand-weaving technique has made the pashmina shawl more attractive and popular. The soft and luxurious cashmere wool has made the pashmina shawl more attractive. The Production History of Pashmina Shawl Pashmina shawls are handcrafted out of cashmere wool that comes from Ladakh. A special breed of goats is found in the Himalayan region at the high altitude of change hang. The wool of the pashmina shawl is an undercoat of this goat and protects the animal from the cold climate of the Himalayan region. Handcrafting a pashmina shawl is a great task. The pashmina shawl artist starts processing of cleaning the pashmina wool from the changthangi goat. Cleaning is essential to manufacture a pashmina shawl. The fibre is cleaned manually by women artists. Spinning is performed over a wooden spinning wheel. With the unique combination of wheel and hand, the wool lump is converted into fine yarn. The pashmina shawl artist uses the traditional handloom to handwoven the shawl. Within one week artist can make a pashmina shawl. Sign of Authentic Pashmina Shawl The sign of an authentic pashmina shawl is as follows- Authentic pashmina shawl can give a matte appearance. It has a sheen check, and it is super fine material. Authentic manufacturers mention the diameter of the pashmina shawl if any customer wants to know. 14 to 15 microns diameter is the standard length of any pashmina shawl. Try to buy a pashmina shawl within 19 microns for better quality. The lower the micron count, the lighter will be the pashmina shawl. Authentic pashmina shawl will be woven on a handloom. Authentic pashmina shawls have irregular weaves. You can place the shawl against light to see the irregular weave. The higher dimensions pashmina shawl is high in price. Shawl's standard dimension is about thirty-six by eighty inches. You can perform the rubbing test to understand the authenticity of the pashmina shawl. If the pashmina shawl is made with polyester fabric, it will attract dust and hair easily. Authentic pashmina shawls supplier in India can provide original pashmina shawls at an affordable price. You can search various authentic online portals for this purpose. What To Expect From A Good Shawl Manufacturer Wed, 22 Mar 2023 14:42:54 +0530 One of the most well-known Indian attire is shawls. These are rectangular clothes that one can wrap around their head and shoulders. Certain shawls are also useful for covering one’s entire upper body. These can be great pieces of clothing to save themselves from the cold. Apart from this, certain shawls are useful for being fashionable attire and enhancing one’s looks. One of these is the Kalamkari shawl. Most of the time, women wear these shawls. These are often available with attractive designs and features for visiting special occasions. One can search for the best shawl manufacturers on the internet using keywords like Kalamkari shawls manufacturer near me. This can help one spot the best shawl manufacturers near them. This is because choosing the best manufacturer for such shawls might sometimes be difficult. One should know what to expect from a shawl manufacturer to identify the best among them. What Can You Find From A Good Shawl Manufacturer? Generally, a good shawl manufacturer tends to have shawls of different designs. The best cloth manufacturing companies can provide shawls of attractive designs and colour combinations. A good manufacturer also employs expert artists to paint the designs on the shawls. A good manufacturer will also have shawls of different varieties as well. These can differ from one another in terms of constituent clothing material, designs, sizes, or colour combinations. Therefore, you can see a wide range of shawls if you visit a reliable supplier or manufacturer. Lastly, a good manufacturer will always provide shawls that are in perfect condition. No reliable manufacturing company will provide shawls with holes, faded colours, and designs. You can search for them online by typing Kalamkari shawls manufacturer. This can help you locate the best shawl manufacturing companies in your area. Benefits That You Can Get From A Good Shawl Manufacturer First, a person can find shawls of the best quality and design from a good manufacturer, as mentioned above. Secondly, a person can also negotiate regarding the prices of such shawls. Some manufacturers might also provide exciting discounts and offers that will negate the need for negotiations. A good manufacturer can also take orders fast and deliver them even faster. The best shawl manufacturers will not take much time to deliver your order to your doorstep. Therefore, you can enjoy fast purchase services from them. Nowadays, most manufacturers can also allow both online and offline payment systems. Online payments are fast and secure, and hassle-free. Therefore, you can pay the price of a product quickly before it reaches your location. If you are not tech-savvy, you can pay for the products by handing the cash to the deliverer. Therefore, as a customer, you do not need to worry about order and payments and their swiftness. A Final Note It will be helpful to know enough about a manufacturer before contacting them. It would help if you enquired whether they have a valid trading licence. You should also see whether a manufacturer meets all the conditions mentioned above. Sometimes a manufacturer might have trouble meeting some of these conditions, which is normal. But you should still see whether they try to be sincere and transparent enough in their job. It would help if you did not buy from a company that does not have a trade license and is not transparent enough.